SkyAMP serves a variety of industries with dedicated solutions tailored for their wireless needs. Learn more about our different signal amplifiers and see which one is right for you.


    With how much of modern business relies on wireless connectivity, even the slightest service interruption or dropped call can have costly consequences. SkyAMP provides an affordable and easy to use device that keeps your phone and internet service reliable and strong.


    For every competitive retail store, a strong WiFi network is necessary to perform day-to-day operations and provide good customer service. Strengthen your wireless connectivity with SkyAMP and ensure a fast and stable connection storewide.


    From accessing healthcare records to operating medical devices, a reliable wireless connection is vital for providing essential patient care. SkyAMP ensures your WiFi is always on and assessable so that doctors and healthcare professionals always have access to the data they need.


    With the complexity of modern manufacturing, factories can’t afford to have failure along any part of the process. SkyAMP signal boosters help you keep things running reliably and efficiently while requiring little technical know-how to deploy and operate.


    Today’s classrooms are incredibly digitally connected so weak and patchy wireless service can severely set back student learning. Suitable for K-12 education and Universities, SkyAMP signal boosters are a simple solution for supporting reliable school-wide networks.


    More than any other group, Government agencies rely on having consistent and reliable internet connectivity, especially during times of crisis. With SkyAMP boosting your signal, you’ll have an undisruptable wireless connection at all times.


    From fire stations to city centers, essential local government services depend on working wireless to serve their communities. SkyAMP offers flexible solutions to help local governments maintain city-wide wireless connectivity.